Radio and TV





What do you get?

With this course you will discover the world of audiovisual media, delving into issues such as the transmission of ideas and information. private highly get a qualification valued character, as has the prestige and support de VozfmRadio. A complete course with which you acquire the knowledge to develop in this field:

  • You will learn to get the most out of your voice, mastering the techniques of breathing and relaxation.
  • You will work techniques of radio and television speech.
  • You will practice speech that will bring you to the different genres, assessing and improving your results.
  • You will get to work in news and magazines.


To whom it is addressed?

This course is intended for two types of public:

  • People who want to develop their careers as broadcasters, editors and radio and television
  • People  who want to develop their communication skills.


Quality guarantee 

Through the most advanced techniques, we help you develop your communication skills in the audiovisual field, achieving the correct writing, reading and interpretation of texts, for different radio and television styles.


Our Method

We propose this course of an eminently practical way to get acquire the basic training that enables you as a broadcaster and presenter of radio and television.


To do this, you will develop the practical with the latest technology, both in radio studios and the Television, performing control in an environment similar to that occurring in a professional work situation. Moreover, teamwork, confidence in a first class teaching and daily exercise you can approach the reality of this profession.

At the end of the course, we will provide access to the final work you've done, so they can be part of curriculum.


How long does it last?

Course in Radio and Television has a total duration of 60 hours over on 4 days a week, two hours per day. During that time, you will learn everything you need to develop your work as a broadcaster and presenter of radio and television.



Training is provided, necessarily in person, in vozfm. The contents are grouped into different areas:

  • The voice as an instrument.
  • Locution.
  • Improvisation techniques.
  • Driving
  • Script, narration radio and television.
  • Diction, accent Neutral.
  • Radio genres: news, magazines, advertising, sports, etc.
  • Voice over



 Access the Course in Radio and Television just you have to:

  • Be 16 years old.
  • No specific knowledge required



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